Barbod Valadi: Ensemble Leader, Compositions, Arranger, Persian Tar, Guitar

Omid Rahimi: Vocal & Daf

John Stefulj: Saxophones

Louise Denson: Piano

James Ball: Paino

Peter Walters: Double Bass

Mostafa Odabaee: Tombak

​Steve Fischer: Drums

Sarvenaz Monfaredi: Soparno Vocal

Sussana O'leary: Vocal

​Eamon Holligan: Flute

Mia Forrest: Flue

John Varney: Double Bass

​Lachlan Hawkins: Drums

In 2012, Jazzab Ensemble was formed by Barbod Valadi in order to explore Iranian Classical music in the world of Jazz. With combination of Iranian and Australian musicians, all professionally trained, the ensemble combines the delicacy and mysticism of Iranian musical traditions with the experimentation and sophisticated sounds of Jazz. Two seemingly syncretic traditions in a meld of microtones, strong rhythms, and jazz modes give this group an edgy vibe. Jazzab brings you to a meeting of cultures on a Persian carpet of sound. Get on and take the ride.

​​​​Barbod Valadi